The login credentials that already exist in your company, now also in Auto.Sky !

More security and centralization of access control in Auto.Sky with SSO: Single Sign-On

SSO is a new way of authenticating users on the platform, reinforcing control measures and ensuring access security for your employees, through the use of existing credentials in your company.

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SSO Auto.Sky Security Login

Discover the benefits that SSO can bring to your company:

SSO Auto.Sky - Cost Savings

cost reduction

Reduce costs with support calls related to username and password.

Auto.Sky SSO - Access Control Optimization

Access control optimization

Have greater control over access to the Auto.Sky platform.

Auto.Sky SSO - One Time Password Policy

One-time password policy

Use a single password policy and ensure that logins comply with company security guidelines.

Auto.Sky SSO - Security Layers

More layers of security

Increase the layers of security in your company using the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) feature already used in other applications.

Single Sign-On

Understand how SSO works in practice!

With SSO in Auto.Sky , user authentication is done through an Identity Provider chosen by your company. He is responsible for managing login and authentication information, facilitating the integration of Auto.Sky with existing authentication systems in the company.