Technology in agribusiness has undergone a rapid evolution not only in relation to production, machines, implements and inputs, but mainly in the adherence to systems to improve management and controls, which requires the segment to compete with other sectors. by specialized human capital. This role is extremely important for companies to be assertive in hiring management systems that are more in line with their operational needs and for them to be able to allocate their financial resources in the best way.  

Even in the midst of the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, agribusiness continues to show positive results and support the recovery of the Brazilian economy. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the sector ended 2020 with a record high of 24.31% compared to 2019, according to data from the Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil ( CNA ) and the Center for Advanced Studies in Applied Economics ( Cepea ).

With positive growth prospects also for 2021, technology in agribusiness can support the sector in improving agricultural practices, in the daily lives of rural producers and, consequently, in increasing sales.

According to information from the Brazilian Precision Agriculture Commission, 67% of Brazilian crops already employ or use technology at some stage between the production and harvesting of an agricultural product. Faced with the numerous benefits for this market, innovation in the field is increasingly essential for companies.

Advantages of adopting technology in agribusiness 

Technology in agribusiness meets the needs of rural producers and helps in the routine of farms. Relying on a high degree of knowledge for managing Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, at Sky.One we managed to impact agribusiness by significantly reducing the need for professionals specialized in IT, which allows companies to seek collaborators who directly assist them in the processes of business.

Another point of great importance and which is in line with the expansion of internet-based systems is the growing increase in data theft, an issue that we manage with total transparency for our customers.

Through Cloud Computing, companies achieve a more simplified business management, reducing the need for a professional with extensive knowledge in Data Center infrastructure resources , in addition to gaining mobility for increasingly decentralized operations. Cloud Computing also delivers other advantages for agribusiness , such as cost control and budget predictability, and ensuring data security.

Main solutions for your business

With extensive experience in a cloud environment, Sky.One offers Auto.Sky , a solution whose main objective is to manage hosting, licensing, user access, backups and access security, with an adherent billing metric to the flow of business growth.

By implementing Auto.Sky , the customer now has flexibility in accessing their systems in their routine, with agile user administration, opting for different forms of access; safe environment with a transparent backup routine that does not impact its operation; performance and great operability with its hardware resources and peripherals.

Integra.Sky solution , simplifies the integration in software and automation (IoT – Internet of Things/Internet of Things, in free translation). Among the benefits of this platform are: agility in integrations; infrastructure embedded in the product; flexibility in creating flows and integration rules; little need for development on the tips/systems.

For all technologies, Sky.One applies a homologation mat for the solutions that will be shipped in order to offer consistency in the delivery of the necessary resources for the best performance of the systems and usability for the users. Generally, implementations involve partners – owners of approved solutions, accelerating the process with minimal impact on customers' routine. And anyone who thinks that this is a difficult and time-consuming process is wrong, since on average, we manage to migrate our customers' environments in just one week.

In addition, your company can already see the results of adopting new technologies in a very short term. In a few weeks using Auto.Sky the customer stops worrying about availability, performance, backup routines, hacker attacks and mobility; while Integra.Sky already has a direct impact on reducing the need for complex developments for integrations and flexibility in controlling their flows.

At Sky.One we have highly trained professionals to support your company in the process of migrating to the cloud. We currently serve hundreds of agribusiness customers running industry-leading systems in the cloud. Talk to our experts to start your digital transformation journey.

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