We are living in a delicate moment in Brazil and in the world. Retail, as an essential sector for our society, must continue to operate. But, how to keep the operation running efficiently in this scenario?

Claudemir Lima, IT Manager at Supermercado Hirota, told us a little about how they are dealing with the crisis and how being in the cloud has helped to minimize the impact on business! Check out:

“This crisis took us by surprise. Our operation suffered the first few days when we realized what was going on. Fortunately, we were able to give a good response to our customers!

We had some occasional disruptions due to high demand in certain product categories. This virus has not only affected people, but also society as a whole, even more so now living in a necessary quarantine. We noticed significant changes in the shopping habits of our consumers who are very worried about what could still happen. We have a social duty, as a company providing services and essential products, to help our customers to go through this terrible moment, always maintaining serenity and seeking information that can clarify the main doubts. Since the beginning, we have prepared our team to meet this expectation, as we know that we are also influencers in society.

For all this, we were prepared with a robust cloud infrastructure supported by Sky.One , which was extremely important, as we managed to meet the operation by delivering high availability of our systems and we also divided our team, putting several people in the home office, in order to protect the health of our team. In this sense, we had great agility in this migration, as we are operating in the cloud.

If we had not adopted cloud computing, we could have had big problems, because, due to the high demand of the operation in the first days, our infrastructure as it was before could not be able to handle the processing of this increase in consumption, mainly in the first days after the knowledge that we were preparing for a crisis unprecedented in our recent history.”

– Claudemir Lima, IT Manager at Hirota Supermercados

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