Despite hampering data security, the cloud may continue to generate insecurities on the part of companies. So indicates a study carried out by Accenture, which reveals that 72% of organizations believe that protection is the main problem for the use of the cloud. Contrary to what many people have in mind, traveling to the cloud is extremely safe, since it goes hand in hand with the digital transformation in terms of market advances and, as a result, the real threats.

In this context, cloud providers have numerous certifications in terms of data privacy, identity control, encryption of communications and processes, network protection, management of amenities and transparency, which indicate where it stores your information, in addition to complying with a wide range of international and sector-specific standards.

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By the way, how is the security of the data in the cloud guaranteed?

There are five main factors that make the difference when talking about data security aspects on the cloud. 

Advanced firewalls : All types of firewalls have an important function, which is to inspect data traffic on the network. The most sencillos cutters only examined the data of origin and destination, while the advanced ones comprueban the integrity of the content of the packages and evaluated the security threats.

Detection of intruders : cloud storage can serve many users at the same time. For this reason, the security systems are highly qualified and managed by multiple levels of access detection, which guarantees that cloud providers can even stop attackers who circumvent the initial defenses of the network.

Event logs : help security analysts to understand the threats that can be produced through unauthorized access. These records identify all the actions on the network, and can be used to build a complete narrative about its events. This helps to prevent security breaches.

Data encryption : the function keeps data protected against unauthorized users. So, if an attacker steals an encrypted file, access will be denied due to the lack of the secret key, that is to say, the data are useless for anyone who does not have the key. This method will protect your data even against the service providers and administrators of the environment.

Physical security : cloud data centers are very secure compared to “internal” models. If you use a complete service offered on the cloud, such as those Sky.One , obtaining certificates and supervision are guaranteed 24 hours a day, with complete management and responsibility for the surroundings.

Therefore, it is important that companies adopt a global awareness of their workforce as a whole, promoting internal content to promote the topic, such as courses on security topics (phishing, ransomware, data security, LGPD), for example. From the side of the solution providers, it is necessary to reinforce the commitment to security. Another point that should not be overlooked is the awareness/education of the IT sector, so that the protection layers become even more solid.

Compliance with the LGPD

With the recent arrival of the LGPD, the question of the security of digital data occupies a priority place in organizations. According to a study carried out by IDC, almost 60% of organizations have this topic as a strategic agenda.  

In this context, when we talk about cloud computing, the security issue is a priority. Once your data is in the cloud, the provider has the obligation to keep them safe, which means that practically there is no possibility of hacker attacks or Ransomware in the cloud. At the end and at the end, your data will be housed in the safest clouds in the world. On a local server, in addition to running the risk of attacks, your data also runs the risk of being lost due to external factors: power cuts, excessive heating of the machines, among others.  

How can Sky.One help companies maintain data security in the cloud?

With the aim of certifying a secure data cloud for customers, the purpose of Sky.One is to contribute to an interconnected world through digital transformation. The intention is always to reinforce that the complexity of the cloud is an ally to ensure the digital transformation and all the advantages of traveling to the cloud for the company.

In addition, there is a team of specialists prepared to help the entire ecosystem of partners and customers, available 24×7 in three different languages. Get more information about Sky.One and how we can help your company by clicking here .


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