When one thinks of quality software , which has been indispensable for any type of company for a long time, one immediately thinks of SAP, a German technology company that stands out around the world. And thinking about a solution focused on small and medium-sized companies, SAP Business One is also the best choice.

Used in over 150 countries around the world, this software helps companies maintain full control over the different areas of business operation.

But have you ever stopped to think about what would be the benefits of using all the options that this software offers within the cloud ? That's right, it is possible to have all access to SAP Business One through the cloud thanks to technology developed by Sky One .

If you were unaware of this possibility, rest assured! We will present here how small companies chose to migrate their SAP Business One to the cloud and what benefits this choice can bring to any organization. Check out!

Why use SAP Business One in the cloud?

It is not difficult to understand why companies are increasingly looking for ERP solutions that work in the cloud, after all, there are a number of benefits and advantages that are extremely important for companies to stand out and gain a competitive edge in the market. But what are these advantages? The main ones, which generate a high impact for the business, we list now:

  • Reduce infrastructure management
  • Improve system reliability and performance
  • Achieve a more predictable cost structure
  • Possibility of growth without significant CAPEX expenses

The Cloud Can Transform Your Business

The process of adopting cloud solutions also generates a high level of transformation within any company. Businesses are facing an urgent need to streamline their traditional processes to meet the needs of the modern consumer. And thinking about putting this into action, we see that the Cloud is the backbone that everyone can rely on to enable this transformation.

The fact is that all technologies used today in organizations, such as SAP's ERP system, require heavier computational power, high level of storage and a good IT infrastructure - and cloud computing provides these services, based on the requirements. of each company, meeting more and more personalized demands.

How to migrate quality SAP Business One to the cloud?

Auto.Sky Business One is a fully managed solution for deployment partners and customers looking for a complete cloud infrastructure on AWS that allows them to focus on their original solution skills.

Sky.One specializes in the development of platforms that facilitate the migration and use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud solutions, always focusing on the quality of operations involving the use of this service Sky.One Auto.Sky solution was to the market. Since then, Sky.One participates in all SAP events, bringing updated technologies and innovations with Auto.Sky Business One.

The event is one of the highlights on the international scene, being recognized as the largest business and technology event in Latin America. This just proves Auto.Sky 's success and relevance for all companies that demand this type of solution and don't want to take risks.

The truth is, running SAP Business One in the cloud without the right automation tools can frustrate companies' original expectations. In the end, it can end up presenting a technical challenge for both deployment partners and IT staff.

It is with this solution that companies are choosing to migrate their SAP Business One to the cloud and managing to take full advantage of everything that this change can offer to the organization as a whole.

Advantages of Auto.Sky Business One

To understand how Auto.Sky Business One can generate benefits for your business, let's now present what are the main advantages that this tool can offer.

1. Safely Automated Backups

Without using SAP Business One in the cloud, could you perform the backup in the right period? The level of space required for this is always high, which is why companies overlook this procedure. The big risk with this is losing all relevant information that is stored. By performing the backup we were able to reinforce the security of the information.

That's why database backups are automatically taken every day and stored on a highly durable storage platform when using Auto.Sky Business One. The default retention period of 7 days allows you to retrieve all of the last week's data, also facilitating quick retrieval of major incidents in the database.

2. High level of performance

Auto.Sky offers the hardware performance Auto.Sky AWS . This means you get the best combination of storage, memory, and CPU that meets the performance requirements of the SAP Business One user.

The high performance of AWS and various internet partners guarantee always available connections, significantly contributing to the best user experience and a high level of performance in any operation you perform.

3. Mobile

Have you ever imagined having mobile to your ERP solution? Access to mobile users is provided through the SAP Business One mobile application. Integration with your company's environment is provided automatically.

4. Cost-effective

With the flexibility to adjust requirements, the cloud offers a scalable service model. This saves you the capital of purchasing and managing the IT infrastructure, and also helps the business to scale its resources based on the necessary requirements.

So, are you ready to take your SAP application risk-free? If the answer is yes, it's time to check out all the details and possibilities of Auto.Sky . Access the complete page of the solution, see the success case of those who have already used it in practice and get in touch with our team.


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