Do you know what SaaS is? This is the acronym for Software as a Service, or in free translation, Software as a Service. It is a software distribution model that does not need to be installed locally, the customer only contracts the software license which, in turn, is accessed entirely through the web. In short, it is a program that is used as a kind of service.

How can SaaS impact your business?

Before the SaaS model , users and companies had to purchase systems by license, for life, making a large initial investment in servers. With the SaaS model, acquisition is done per user, which can increase or decrease as needed, without the need to purchase a server.

The new systems are developed in the SaaS model with cloud-based architectures. Already the old systems, developed to work locally, today can also benefit from the SaaS model using Cloud Computing, in this way it is possible to cut expenses related to the distribution and storage of your systems, such as support and maintenance of servers.

Your Software House can also benefit from the SaaS model by increasing developer efficiency and productivity, improving the customer experience, facilitating updates and reducing incompatibility between versions.

Before you go for SaaS, your company needs to study and adapt to Cloud Computing to receive a large flow of connections and guarantee access security to avoid any type of invasion. Therefore, carefully analyze these factors before adopting SaaS for the development of your business, look for partners and professionals with experience in the area.

Advantages of SaaS

The SaaS model provides many benefits for Software Manufacturers and their users, such as:

  • Fast system deployment;
  • Efficient and agile technical support;
  • Constant updates, as through the internet any change to the program is immediately available;
  • Accessibility due to the fact that it is enough to have the internet to gain access;
  • Quick return on investment as you don't buy machines thinking about the long term;
  • Security and availability with modern servers provided by major players such as AWS, Google, Huawei and Oracle.

Surely you've used SaaS systems and have no idea about it. There are Software as a Service completely free, such as Gmail or Spotify, or with an associated cost, as is the case of Microsoft Office 365, InvoiceXpress, among others.

And you, what do you think about implementing a SaaS in your company? Get in touch with us and find out how we can help you with this challenge!

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