In the corporate market, a new trend has been emerging in recent years: that of mobile workers. They are the ones who demand reliable and continuous access to the company's software, whether they are in the office or anywhere else in the world. They want to be able to access applications, share information, download and synchronize important files, without their location being an issue.

To meet all their wishes, organizations need to adopt a great virtualization application, which takes their programs to the cloud in a simple and fast way, and provides all these facilities. But is this the right time to explore Cloud Computing as a tool to support enterprise mobility and benefit your employees? Find out by reading our post:

The march to mobility

In many companies, the “march” towards mobility has been going on for years, and employees are not far from completing the journey and reaching their final destination. According to the IDC consultancy, around 90% of IT growth between 2013 and 2020 will be related to the third platform , which innovatively aggregates Cloud Computing services, in addition to mobile devices and applications. In Brazil, 30% of companies already allow their employees to access corporate data on their smartphones and 27% grant access via tablet. This shows that the workforce is becoming mobile at a very fast pace.

Companies, in turn, can experience many benefits generated by corporate mobility. Among them, we can highlight the increase in employee happiness and the improvement in team productivity, as they will be able to work on mobile devices they are already familiar with and not have to follow the strict control imposed by some managers when using the IT equipment. In addition, users will be able to access company files and applications anytime, anywhere, allowing them to work from home and even during business trips.

When to consider enterprise mobility?

The combination of Cloud Computing solutions with enterprise mobility is creating countless opportunities for companies , as well as many challenges for IT managers, who need to create strategies to bring mobile access to internal applications. For organizations that have not yet implemented this trend, now is the time to start, as there is little time to lose. This is because, according to IDC, by 2019 2 out of 3 companies already have initiatives in the public Cloud, representing the most important IT initiative, which must be developed by companies with the objective of gaining competitive advantages.

For experts, corporate mobility is not a passing fad. The changing nature of work, which once required company employees to always work side by side, now allows them to not always work together. Increasingly, they will move to work outside the office. Therefore, they need to always have a technological solution at their disposal that allows them to access the company's software from anywhere. For the IT team, that means finding a way to virtualize applications and deliver them to users securely and with high performance.

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