This June, IDC – International Data Corporation, a global provider of market intelligence for the IT, telecommunications and consumer technology markets, released its latest research on the Impact of COVID-19 on the ICT industry in Latin America. The outstanding result was for the adoption of public cloud.

The results that we are going to bring in this content are part of the most recent edition of the survey, carried out in May 2020. It is important to highlight that the transition process to the new reality in the technology market was foreseen, in the previous survey carried out in the month April, to last 2 to 3 months, with an optimistic scenario of recovery for the 3rd quarter of the year.

But with the new scenario that emerged, with the continuous increase in cases of COVID-19 in Latin America, this estimate changed to a period of 6 to 11 months, with this optimistic recovery happening only in the first months of 2021.

The focus of companies right now is on Employing a dynamic and reconfigurable work model

In the survey, one of the questions posed to respondents was “To address the challenges arising as a result of COVID-19, which of the following actions is your organization focusing on?”. The result proved that:

  • More than 60% of companies are focusing on Employing a dynamic and reconfigurable work model ;
  • 40% of companies say they are focused on Ensuring resiliency in our digital infrastructure .

This data makes it clear that there is a real concern with the infrastructure of organizations, which leads to an increase in the search for cloud solutions .

Public cloud providers and adoption will become more influential during the pandemic and post-COVID era

The IDC survey also sought to understand the need for new technologies and the types of investments made in the period to ensure business continuity.

As a result, it was clear that companies will increase their use of the public cloud during the pandemic , taking advantage of its flexibility and scalability, key benefits with this solution.

Organizations increasing their cloud consumption will also require cloud-based security solutions, seeking to simplify deployment and integration while ensuring compliance with the social distance between cybersecurity and IT professionals.

What is the best cloud to host the ERP system?

For companies that understand the importance of seeking this solution, the question may arise about which is the best cloud to host the ERP system .

We understand that companies must consume clouds according to the maturity of their applications, their characteristics, compliances and costs that best fit their needs, and we are convinced that there is not a single cloud for all applications and it is not every application that consumes any cloud.

What are the advantages of the public cloud?

But after all, what are the benefits that the use of the public cloud can bring to the operation that make it the main solution at this moment for companies?

In practice, there are a number of advantages that businesses can take advantage of by adopting a public cloud. Among the main ones are:

  • Availability guarantee : the responsibility of constant reinvestment in maintenance and updating of machines, in the adoption of the public cloud, is under the responsibility of the cloud provider, who manages to guarantee the highest level of availability for any operation, avoiding risks of fall or security ;
  • Affordable price : Due to the volume of machines used, public clouds are able to guarantee high quality at an affordable price. It is the best cost-benefit ratio to bring the operation to this environment;
  • Continuous security : as it is global, your data can be replicated in several countries with the adoption of a public cloud, ensuring continuous backup and disaster recovery , avoiding any serious security problem.

The scenario is changing, but with the guarantee that the adoption of the public cloud can facilitate the process

According to the survey, investments will focus on ensuring business continuity in the short term and accelerating digital transformation initiatives with gains in the medium/long term .

With an eye toward digitalization, the focus is on the modernization process, enhancing cloud resources to support the most critical workloads.

So that your company is aligned with this trend at continental and global level, in touch with Sky.One and learn about the solutions available for the adoption of public cloud.

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