The increase in the number of companies migrating to the cloud in recent years is nothing new, especially after the outbreak of the pandemic. Even so, according to IT Snapshot , an annual study carried out by Logicalis to monitor trends and priorities in the IT area of ​​Brazilian companies, 25% of companies have migration plans, but have not yet executed them .

But why do some companies still question or postpone this migration process?

As we'll see, there are many factors why organizations of all sizes resist moving to the cloud .

To begin with, we can mention the fear of the unknown. Going through this journey requires a change in culture, organization and processes, which generates a certain insecurity, especially when what is on the other side of the process is new to the company.

In addition, there is still an ingrained thinking in many organizations that the cloud may not be secure. 

This is a “mindset” that can be easily demystified by putting the security of a company's local infrastructure environment to the test and comparing it to the security of a cloud infrastructure. This comparison offers certainty that migrating to the cloud is the best option.

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What are the advantages of migrating to the cloud?

Currently, we can consider that embarking on the digital transformation to enjoy all the benefits that the cloud can offer is more than necessary to enable the continued growth and high performance of the business. 

Business leaders must restructure their business models to be more efficient and, in that sense, the cloud provides greater scalability, security, speed, cost reduction and agility , delivering and scaling quickly to the demands of the digital economy.

When choosing to migrate to the cloud, it is important that the definition of the company's objectives is very clear to all employees. For this, a thorough planning evaluating risks and the cost-effectiveness must be carried out to ensure a successful migration.  

A coordinated strategy, planned from end to end, with a mapping of possible future risks, can also help, a lot, the business to go through a journey without unforeseen events.

the case of Supermercados 4 Filhos here and find out how the migration to the cloud brought agility, security and mobility to the business.

But how to ensure security in the cloud?

There are some points to be followed strictly so that a cloud migration journey is safe and effective.

The first step is to ensure that the cloud provider partner hired to be responsible for the migration project is reliable, agile and has a team of specialized professionals to offer all the necessary support. Effective planning and good configuration, both on the part of the client and the provider, are essential in this process.

No company is free of risks and obstacles in the stages of migrating to the cloud, so it is important to ensure that the services offered by your provider, such as infrastructure, platform and software, are aligned with your planning for the adoption of resources. 

In addition, it is essential to have a partner that is committed to the success of the project and that is available to offer 24/7 support.

I want to migrate to the cloud safely! How can Sky.One help me?

Sky.One Sky.One service for its customers who wish to migrate to the cloud, ensuring that the internal IT team in cloud security receives specific training, internal studies for an increase in the budget allocated to security, studies for the evaluation of a possible hiring of professionals responsible only for technology security, among other projects.

Through our exclusive Auto.Sky , we accelerate the adoption of monolithic applications in the public cloud, in addition to performing analyzes that result in better options for a safe migration after verifying the maturity of an application.

During the entire migration process to the cloud, we provide the best digital transformation within the company, always respecting its software development characteristics, while at the same time aiming at adherence to the cloud that will be adopted. The result is cost reduction, greater agility, performance and, above all, security.

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