By: Roberto Arruda*

Society as a whole is affected by the pandemic. A transition will soon be experienced, in which risks and opportunities will arise in it. But what will be the impact on your sales force?

In this article, we will talk about these challenges. At this point, you should think about your sellers: ¿como voy a hacer mi cuota? Customers are not responding to me, what should I do? Will they fire me? Therefore, it depends on you, the manager, to create a winning mentality, which will allow him to accelerate his personal and professional recovery. Now, more than ever, attitude and intention will be important to guide your team's behavior and action.

Council # 01

First, it is necessary to recognize where we are today. It is not necessary to act like we did before the challenge we face, there is a change in progress and we have to see it. Which means you shouldn't paralyze everything you're doing, on the contrary, now you should prioritize your daily activities and create a very clear routine. Focusing solely on the results doesn't work.

With more time in your day, your sales team will be able to prepare better, know in more detail the segment in which your potential client is inserted and understand how the current scenario is affecting it. Preparation was once important, now it's mandatory.

Council # 02

A good way to celebrate victories at a time like this is to set daily goals together: how many calls to make, how many searches on LinkedIn, how many emails to send. In this way, your focus becomes achieving the result that day and, as a result, being able to celebrate the steps taken towards your objective.

Council # 03

Your objective is to create a memorable experience for your client. Surely your potential customer is now worried, stressed, and probably the last thing he wants is someone who wants to sell him something. This is the moment to listen. You need to impact it with something of value, so treat every interaction you make as the most special of all!

Council # 04

Finally, we must assume responsibility for our actions and results. This is what everyone expects from the sales area, and an excellent opportunity for managers to become trainers of your team!

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* Roberto Arruda is Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of Sky.One

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