Cloud computing applications are already part of the routine of several companies in Brazil and around the world. According to a survey carried out by Gartner , this market may have a global growth of 55% by 2022 . With this imminent evolution of the cloud market, resellers of cloud computing solutions can contribute, and a lot, to boost this sector even more.

Currently, organizations are increasingly looking for technologies that bring agility to their business. Anywhere, at any time, and always available and secure, the cloud is an environment that provides all these benefits, having characteristics that the physical environment may not have, and, even if it does, demand much more resources and expenses .  

With the market making its journey to the cloud, new spaces are opened for resellers to offer and reinvent themselves, helping their customers in the digital transformation process. 

The reseller, also called integrator, who has a relationship with his client, now has the possibility of offering his solutions. In this sense, it will not be necessary to spend resources and time in learning all the technology , since you will have a solution that can help you become that new integrator reinvented quickly.

In addition to selling the solution, the reseller is now seen as a business partner by the customer , as it will continue to provide new services and solutions, which will depend on the consumer's willingness to continue making investments.

But why be in the cloud? 

In addition to the digital transformation provided by the cloud, the benefits of cloud computing include scalability , an aspect that allows you to use more or less resources, according to market demands and according to your company's needs; and also availability , which guarantees quick recovery in eventual problems, which increases agility.

In addition, it is possible to significantly reduce costs , since acquisitions of software, platform, hardware, and a series of hidden operational expenses or with little visibility, are eliminated.

We cannot forget the security that cloud computing brings to companies, given that cloud environments are suitable for global standards security , guaranteeing several layers, in addition to frequent technological updates.

I want to be a reseller! How to begin?

Sky.One Sky.One foster this market through solutions that are white label , that is, that allow the reseller to offer their own solutions, but supported by a company that has 24-hour support , every day of the year, in addition to of a pre-sales architecture framework.

With a complete portfolio of cloud solutions, Sky.One acts from identifying the most appropriate and necessary technologies to leverage your business, to the project management stage. 

Do you want to digitally transform your customer and understand how to resell Sky.One ? Visit the link and feel welcome to our partner ecosystem!

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