By: Roberto Arruda* 

We all know that changes are constant, the new normality tests our ability to adapt to a totally improbable scenario. It is impossible to try to anticipate or predict the future, but we know that we are experiencing a great challenge at an extraordinary speed. How will we face these challenges?

The crisis generates permanent changes. Along my experience, I experienced some challenges that had major economic, financial and human impacts. At times like this, some rules must be followed: it is necessary to target people, as this is a situation of great anxiety and uncertainty. A very transparent and direct communication must be created, which conveys confidence, creates optimism and positive experiences. And, of course, look inside and outside: ask yourself how your company is doing right now, what your priorities are, how your customers are doing and what you can do for them.

This is the right moment for companies to take values ​​and culture from paper and speech and present them in practice, and the leader plays a fundamental role in this process. It inspires and helps people to do the best they can now. It is essential to understand the true dynamics of leadership to win this period!

I recall that in 2001, Cisco Systems, the company I worked for at that time, an Internet giant, one of the most valuable companies on Wall Street, laid off approximately 20% of its employees.

But, what is different now to face the crisis and the renewal? Two points call my attention: advanced technology and available infrastructure. In past crises, we didn't have so many resources available. Such resources will transform the way in which we are going to face the current challenge.

The way we interact, how we communicate, how we work remotely will transform the way we do business. The cloud, for example, is an infrastructure available so that we can quickly resume business. Scalability, performance, security, mobility, today they are available for you.

Finally, another important point is how together we will prepare for business renewal. Estoy hablando de la force de ventas. The shape, the dress, will change. New skills and competences will be required, ranging from the way in which prospecting is carried out, to the way of revising the proposal with the client. Significant changes in relationships between companies will require a new preparation, a new commitment.

We want to support you to speed up the renewal. You are very important to Sky. One and together we will work on the new normality to come out stronger.


* Roberto Arruda is Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of Sky.One



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Sky.One Team

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