There's a popular expression that goes “don't put all of your eggs in just one basket”. What about all of your data then? Relying on more than just one cloud supplier, may help keep your data safe and improve your performance. Counting on one or multiple suppliers is tied to the strategic decisions taken by a company as a whole, and that should also include decisions about cloud adoption in order to save money and make flexible selections when the time comes. While having one provider may be beneficial for some companies, it may not be the case with data simply due to the nature of it being so vital. Thus, using multi cloud strategies can sometimes generate faster decision making, less concentration of risk and an increased independence.

Adding a new supplier may also come in handy in difficult times. If for example one of your suppliers is bought by a competitor or if any other supply disruption happens, having two cloud providers instead of just one could diminish risk. But choosing partners for business also needs some research, and regarding cloud services, it's crucial to look for companies with proven results, that can provide references and offer security and transparency. Sometimes expanding your horizons and searching for something different may lead to the perfect partnership. Finding balance strategically speaking is not an easy task, so making sure the chosen companies are reliable with a proven track record is key!  

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