Gartner's prediction was clear: the transition from on-premises applications to the cloud will increase by 20% from 2020 to 2021 (Source: Gartner, The Future of ERP is Composable, Tim Faith, Denis Torii, Paul Schenck, October 13, 2020 ).

There is no doubt that this is a natural movement in the market, since the SaaS model is part of the routine of all companies. 

Thus, software companies that have their solutions and services in the cloud are already one step ahead of their competition. Is this the case for your company? Not yet?

In today's article, you'll understand how Auto.Sky will turn this game around , ensuring that your company doesn't waste any more time – or money – with an old software commercialization model.

The flow is simple: every day, companies rely on the use of their management software with more and more users connected, which requires greater performance. Thinking about the traditional model, with the use of servers and an internal data center, making improvements has a high cost. Not to mention the need to have a backup and security structure.

With Auto.Sky your company can offer not only the virtualization of your desktop system, which is already a fundamental step, but also go further: transforming it into a SaaS, without rewriting your code .

Continue reading to understand how this works in practice with the support of the ideal solution for your business!

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What is Auto.Sky and how does it work?

Auto.Sky is a Auto.Sky that manages and orchestrates software environments directly in the cloud , all in a simple and fast way!

If you've ever imagined migrating your desktop software to SaaS quickly and safely, without having any headaches or having to rewrite the software, know that it's possible. Auto.Sky , which was developed by the Sky.One team Auto.Sky Sky.One exactly this role.

In practice it works like this:

  • The approval of an ERP in the cloud involves an analysis of the architecture and characteristics of the software;
  • Once the analysis is performed, a price list per cloud user is generated;
  • Soon after, the software maker is able to sell a SaaS solution!

With this solution you can:

  • Access the environment via browser : make the environment available to your client in a few hours, depending only on an internet connection;
  • Charge per user : have a view and control over the use and also the environment of your customers;
  • Enable the sale of the system in the SaaS model : guarantee recurring revenue for your company without your customers having high CAPEX costs, as happens when acquiring a data center;
  • Have low cost : Auto.Sky eliminates resources that are not being used. This mechanism ensures the best use of the cloud, reducing costs when compared to static deployments;
  • Investment with cost predictability : payment is made by the number of registered users with permission to access the system;
  • State-of-the-art environments : everything you need to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a guarantee of high-level security.

Importance of the cloud in the pandemic period

We know that, due to the pandemic, several companies faced a series of challenges. An example of this was the need to adhere to the home office as a way to guarantee the survival of the business.  

In this scenario, the cloud is being a facilitator in the day-to-day of organizations, helping to keep employees connected remotely. Those who haven't made this change yet, suffer daily from a series of risks, such as:

  • They need to leave their machines turned on, since they still have an on-premise structure;
  • They are completely open to the world, exposing their data;
  • They may be victims of data hijacking, with hackers installing ransomware.

This means that the use of the cloud provides everything that companies and their customers need, which is to carry out successful work even in a remote environment, with data security, resource savings, scalability and productivity gains .

This was the case of Contmatic , a company that develops accounting, administrative and management software. The company helped its customers overcome these challenges by offering the ability to use its solutions in the cloud.

This was possible with the use of Auto.Sky , making a quick change and generating an essential result for the growth of the business: Contmatic started to sell more , performing the migration of more than 3,000 accounting offices to the cloud!

What businesses is Auto.Sky suitable for?

Independent Software Vendors), or Software Developers , have been receiving more and more demands to deliver their solution in the cloud, without security problems and with integrations working in a simplified and automated way.

It is important to note that the migration procedure requires more than simply uploading an app to the cloud and switching storage. We know that without the right tools and procedures, applications can malfunction in the cloud , both technically and financially.

's why Auto.Sky is the best option on the market for companies that can take this step with complete security and technological support.

With Auto.Sky , developers can create multiple environments for their users and manage them through a single management panel. Each access environment is delivered with specific configurations to increase efficiency and optimize processes.

We are all going through a Digital Transformation , and it is your role to deliver to your customers what they are really looking for.

How Auto.Sky helps your business grow

For every organization that wants to have high performance, offering its software in the cloud will benefit the growth of its business, bringing advantages such as:

More customers and possibility of cross selling

With the cloud, your company can implement selling in places it was previously unable to sell. 

Even in more difficult locations, when considering, for example, connection access and network infrastructure, it is possible to purchase and use ERPs.

This was the case of the company Aliare , which started to offer its solution in the cloud and increased its sales and cross selling.

“We noticed an increase of around 70% per year in Aliare ERP offerings in the cloud” , confirms Kelvin Queiroz, Partnerships and Alliances Analyst at Aliare.

What also influences the acquisition of more customers is the tranquility of having a quality infrastructure, with the delivery of more visible results, allowing greater availability of time for each one to focus on what directly impacts the growth of the business.

High performance

In a world fully connected via the internet, with cloud solutions and increasingly innovative technologies, it is no longer possible to limit the space for using software.

That's why Auto.Sky offers the best cloud performance. We choose the best combination of storage, memory and CPU that meets your software performance requirements.

In addition, our cloud hosting service utilizes high-performance networks and multiple internet partners, establishing extremely low latency times and highly available connections. That's what positions your software for the best end-user experience .

Immediate availability

Gone are the days when migrating systems to the cloud took days to happen. A major advantage of Auto.Sky is that the hardware infrastructure can be set up in minutes and will be available for immediate deployment.

If you need additional features, that too can be provided at any time as per your convenience.

Security and Support

Relying on migration to the cloud through Auto.Sky is synonymous with security: your customers' data is kept inside virtual private clouds (VPCs), isolated and protected by policy rules that restrict access to authorized users only. This guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

In addition, all communication is encrypted, ensuring the confidentiality of your data and transactions. Automatic backup protects your data against any type of incident that could compromise your database.

Remembering that Sky.One Sky.One unlimited support to the partner, through work orders on the web or telephone , for problems related to the infrastructure. Our coverage model is 24/7 and ensures that the technical support team responds to incidents according to their critical level and SLAs.

Migrate to the cloud: without Auto.Sky X with Auto.Sky

Having arrived here, do you still have doubts about the reasons for using Auto.Sky ? After all, what is the difference between this solution and any other in the cloud?

Check below the differentials of having your operations in the cloud using the Auto.Sky platform:


Cloud with Auto.SkyCloud without Auto.Sky
Unlimited infrastructure resources with fixed pricing per userUnlimited infrastructure resources, subject to extra spending for capacity expansion and mis-sizing
Pay per user, no idle costsSpending on idle resources
Automatic and replicated backup in several regions of the worldConfiguring scripts to automate Non-Replication Backup to other locations
Access via web browser (HTML5 and RemoteApp) from anywhere and on any deviceRemote access via Terminal Server or VPN
Operating system, firewall and antivirus licenses included with Auto.SkyExtra expenses with Firewall and Antivirus licenses


It is worth mentioning that these are just a few examples so that you can understand the differences and the importance of having this solution. 

If you still want to check out other advantages and compare the differentials with the local infrastructure, access the detailed infographic about Auto.Sky , where we provide a complete list.

Now that you know how Auto.Sky works, remember that the infrastructure behind the management system counts a lot for the performance of the users.

Therefore, our final tip is for you to access the infographic Choosing the type of hosting for your system . With it you can clear all doubts about which infrastructure to choose for your system!


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Sky.One Team

This content was produced by SkyOne's team of cloud and digital transformation experts.