Due to the pandemic, several companies had to quickly join the home office, continuing their activities normally and having to reconcile with this new routine. The cloud is facilitating this transformation in the day-to-day of organizations, helping to keep employees connected remotely.  

By migrating the ERP to the cloud, it is possible to provide a series of benefits, such as an unlimited amount of resources, mobility, scalability, among others that are directly connected with the digital transformation .

We, at Sky.One , work with some of the best public cloud providers on the market, such as AWS, Google and Oracle, therefore, we do not have internal hardware providing the resources of the respective clouds to partners and customers. Because they are public clouds, anyone interested in creating their workload (work environment) has the possibility to create directly in them, making it increasingly easier to migrate their environment to the cloud.

However, if the customer does not have in-depth knowledge about the features that the cloud provider offers, running software through its services without proper automation and understanding processes, can lead to frustration of initial expectations and create even greater challenges for the teams. for IT and organization, such as:

  • Incorrect sizing and management of resources;
  • Misconfiguration of the service;
  • High structural costs. 

Thinking about ways to help customers and partners with these obstacles , automation logic, simplified forms of management and DevOps concepts were implemented in our Auto.Sky , which bring benefits in the journey to the cloud, such as :

  • Centralized management of multiple environments;
  • Fully automated environments;
  • High security, availability, scalability and performance;
  • Does not require partner or customer advanced cloud knowledge;
  • Fast integration;
  • Zero cost of server maintenance and upgrade;
  • Billing per user.

In addition, contracting the platform also includes the implementation and configuration of the Auto.Sky , support team, backup services, operating system maintenance, hardware monitoring and resource utilization, among other advantages that are part of the partnership with our customers and make their day-to-day life easier.

It is not enough just to migrate to the cloud to be aligned with the changes brought about by the crisis, it is necessary to transform the way services are managed and expand the functionalities of your own ERP ! With Auto.Sky , it is possible to access the environment via browser, charge per user, enable the sale of the system in the SaaS model, have low cost, and investment with predictable expenses and environments with cutting-edge technology.

As a result, your software infrastructure will benefit from automation that adds the capabilities expected from a cloud-based solution to applications. Auto.Sky Auto.Sky of operational services, leaving you free to focus on your business challenges and the solutions the software will offer users. You are increasingly connected with digital transformation, from anywhere!

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Written by

Sky.One Team

This content was produced by SkyOne's team of cloud and digital transformation experts.