Do you know what auto scaling is and how it works? This concept has gained space in the technological segment, because through this practice, companies will be able to adjust the cloud capacity according to organizational needs.

If we consider this concept, we can say that auto scaling is capable of providing numerous benefits for organizations. Many of these positives relate to productivity, customization, and flexibility issues.

Thinking about the relevance of this topic, in this content we will highlight what auto scaling is, what are the main positive aspects provided by this practice and explain how this concept can help your business grow. Keep with us to find out more.

What is cloud computing?

Before highlighting what auto scaling is, let's conceptualize what cloud computing is for a better understanding of the topic. Also known as cloud , this is a computational model that stores data on the internet through the cloud computing provider.

The system is responsible for operating and managing data storage. The service is provided on demand and each system has a specific capacity to store data.

It is also worth mentioning that cloud computing eliminates the need for physical storage of information, generating savings for companies.

What is auto scaling?

Also known as scaling, this is a methodology used to automatically increase or decrease the amount of computational resources used in an application. 

Cloud systems have this characteristic because cloud computing packages make it possible to change the storage capacity according to your company's needs at any time. 

In this way, there was a real revolution in relation to how computational resources are allocated, contributing to the development of a scalable technological tool. 

With this, whenever you need a greater data storage capacity, you only need to look for additional packages that expand precisely that capacity.

Think of a delivery that needs to be made constantly but we won't always know what your need is. What's easier: send a big truck and if there's a problem, you don't get your package. Or, send a few trucks that supply your need continuously? I think we already know the answer, don't we?!  

With auto scaling it is like this, you only consume what you need, being able to adjust your capacity for more or less if you need it and when you need it.

What are the benefits of auto scaling?

Auto scaling enables many benefits for organizations and many of them are related to flexibility, customization and optimization of business performance. We will highlight these positive aspects in more detail in the following content.

Pay only for use

The first positive aspect provided by the practice is that you only pay for the cost, as you will use the package that meets your needs and you will only pay for what you use.

Tool customization

In addition to what we highlighted in the previous topic, customization is one of the main benefits provided by scaling. This question happens because you will have the freedom to choose the package that best meets the needs of your company.

With that, you don't have room for more or less, being able to use and take advantage of cloud services in the best possible way in favor of organizational growth.

Cloud infrastructure sizing for each ERP

Through auto scaling, it becomes possible to direct the entire cloud infrastructure to each ERP. In this way, the management system will have access to more information and you will have reliable data that can help you when making assertive decisions in your company.  

This happens because ERP helps managers to have an overview of organizational needs (including in different segments such as marketing, finance, accounting, etc.).

Performance and cost optimization

As you will only pay for the storage and the contracted package, it becomes possible to improve performance and reduce costs. With this, your business will have more resources to make investments that can contribute to the expansion of the company (hiring new professionals, developing new products or services, opening branches, among other possibilities).

Information security

Auto scaling contributes to improving information security in the system. this issue arises because escalation protects against software, hardware, and network failures. Auto scaling is responsible for replacing unhealthy instances and improving application availability.

Data availability

Availability is one of the most important principles of information security, as it ensures that data is available in the system whenever authorized persons need the information.

In this context, automatic scaling is very useful, because when workloads are not predictable, the tool itself takes care of maintaining the servers to enable continuous and secure information traffic. 

What are instances?

The instances refer to a virtual server in the cloud, that is, there is the use of virtual machines that turn on and off according to the needs of the organizations. 

On this topic, it is important to highlight that several instances can be executed and each type needs different computing and memory resources.

Thus, you must select the type of instance that is in accordance with the required computing memory capacity.

Why is auto scaling better?

This is a question asked by many business entrepreneurs from the most varied segments and market sizes. Questioning is quite relevant, as understanding the subject will help your business take advantage of the system in the best possible final way.

The first reason why auto scaling is better is because of its accuracy and better fault tolerance. this happens because the system itself is capable of detecting when an Instance is not healthy, ending it there and replacing it. In addition, other instances can be added to compensate for any failures of others.

Availability is another benefit provided by scaling. With this, the application will always have the capacity to deal with the current traffic demand, regardless of any changes related to the demand.

Last but not least, you can drastically increase and decrease the system's capacity according to your company's needs. With this, your company will only pay for what it uses, contributing to better cost management.  

Why rely on an auto scaling service?

Auto scaling prevents you from having difficulties when opening applications, as there is a reduction of errors in programs, as they make it possible to make adjustments to the storage capacity.

With the adjustment of the instances made by the auto scaling itself, it becomes possible to optimize productivity and focus on carrying out strategic tasks that can contribute to the growth of your business. 

As you can see, auto scaling is a practice that is increasingly present in companies of the most varied segments and market sizes. This question arises due to the various benefits provided by the practice.

For this reason, we have tried to introduce you to this concept and explain the benefits in order to help your organization make the best possible use of scaling, favoring the solid growth of your business in the market.

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