Currently, the use of the cloud has been highlighted among companies in Brazil and worldwide. In addition to the security that the resource guarantees so that these businesses can prosper, many also rely on cloud computing due to its accessibility.

With simplified access to your data, ERPs and applications, in the most diverse places and times , your company can increasingly improve its activities. It is this high availability that has brought so many businesses to the cloud, even more so with the strengthening of the home office that has occurred in recent years.

In this text, we will talk more about high availability and its benefits for your company. Continue reading and discover one more reason to rely on cloud computing.

High Availability: One of the Biggest Advantages of Cloud Storage

That using the cloud brings several advantages, most people already know. In addition to the security that we have already mentioned, companies benefit from cost reduction, increased productivity, scalability, among other benefits.

Availability is another great advantage of the cloud, which ensures that your data and applications are always ready to be used via remote access. This is because everything is stored on the internet, and not limited to the company's computers.

Availability is another great advantage of the cloud, which ensures that your data and applications are always ready to be used via remote access . This is because everything is stored on the internet , and not limited to the company's computers.

Extending possibilities, availability, or accessibility is a benefit that stands out a lot in the cloud, as it spills over into other advantages .

Here are 5 great reasons to work with the cloud:

Remote access

There is no way to start with any advantage other than remote access, which is nothing more than the possibility of using its resources in different places . Thus, with any device that has an internet connection, it is possible to develop the work, regardless of where it is.

In addition to being able to do everything remotely, allowing the home office to be practiced in the company, this accessibility is available 24/7.

That is, remote access brings flexibility , both in terms of space and time. With the cloud, employees can work wherever they want, whenever they want.


If it is possible to access data, ERPs and applications from different places, it is easier for the work to be done simultaneously . That limitation to company computers that have the necessary resources is replaced by a more mass reality.

It is worth mentioning that since everything is saved on the internet itself, what is done is updated simultaneously. Even though they are in different places, people end up increasing their ability to work together , building more complete and productive teams.

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automatic backup

As the cloud is a tool that works in a way that everything is saved online, backup is extremely important. It is done automatically, without the user having to worry about this task.

In the remote possibility of a security problem, you will be sure that your data and progress will not be lost , as there is a copy of everything.

This is an advantage of betting on cloud computing from the largest companies in the area, which provide a complete service. With Auto.Sky , work is carried out with major platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, which guarantee automatic backup and provide confidence to customers.  


A common fear of those who are in doubt about migrating to the cloud or not is about the security of the resource. For those who don't know much about it, the belief that having your data and applications on the internet brings more risks turns out to be common.

Cloud security conforms to global standards , being done in multiple layers. Although there is nothing that can guarantee 100% security, work in the cloud is done with advanced measures, such as encryption and user authentication .

Thinking about accessibility, user authentication is something that proves to be very important. Even if access is done outside the company's physical spaces, it can keep track of who accesses its information and which can be accessed.


If we're thinking about accessibility, we're probably thinking about growing businesses that move a lot of people and a lot of data, ERPs and applications. 

So, wouldn't accessibility have difficulties in being put into practice due to the “size” limit of the cloud?

The answer is no! Cloud computing offers scalability, which is the ability to increase storage space whenever needed , or even decrease it.

In this way, the cloud fits the needs of those who hire it , and can be modified easily and quickly according to the reality of the business moment. It is important to highlight that the cost of increasing your cloud will be lower than investing in machinery to handle the demands that may arise.

Auto.Sky : Platform that facilitates the management of cloud software

Accessibility and availability, through cloud computing, are very advantageous points for a company today, fundamental for those that want to remain in the market. However, the migration to this service and its subsequent management are laborious tasks, which can bring new concerns.

So you don't have to worry about anything, Auto.Sky facilitates these processes. You will have access to a centralized and easily accessible platform , with a solution that offers several benefits, such as:

  • flexibility and availability that guarantees remote access to your data and information, regardless of place and time;
  • security to reduce the risk of hacker attacks with encryption, user authentication and other measures;
  • specialized team with the cloud so that everything works as expected, performing updates, maintenance and providing support whenever necessary;
  • fixed expenses according to what your business needs;
  • cost reduction , with less spending on equipment, software and human resources;
  • scalability that makes it possible to adapt the storage space to the needs of the business; It is
  • Multi Cloud with the best providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Huawei Cloud.

Auto.Sky has solutions that provide a complete service when it comes to the cloud. Meet them:

  • Auto.Sky Platform : migration service for your company's applications and data to the cloud.
  • Auto.Sky Services : solution to optimize costs for companies that are already in the cloud, with support and management of environments and migration of workloads.
  • Auto.Sky Business One : works with the migration of SAP Business One to the cloud.

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