It is evident that the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the routine of thousands of professionals, causing many to migrate to the home office . In this way, remote connection has become crucial for the survival of companies at this time.

The remote connection is made from technologies that allow a computer to gain access to a private server, through another computer that is not physically connected to the network.

In need of remote access for your company? Find out below the three main types of remote access.

1. Terminal Service

One of the most used connections, the terminal service is easy to implement and is a great option for professionals who want to access a remote computer through another computer, such as accessing the company's computer or server through a another device. In this way, the technology allows several users to use the same system simultaneously, on the same server.

Its main benefits include cost reduction, simultaneous access and centralization of information. However, this type of connection does not have encryption if not properly configured, generating gaps in the security of communication with these environments.

2.VPN – Virtual Private Network

VPN, also known as Virtual Private Network, is a private network that establishes a connection between two points through a public network, such as the internet, for example. Unlike Terminal Service connection, VPN relies on advanced networking knowledge for configuration and is encrypted.

Currently, there are different types of VPN, they are: PPTP ( Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) , IPSec (Internet Protocol Secure – internet protocol security) and Site to Site (Router to Router).

3. Cloud

Both Terminal Service and VPN connections can be used when resources or data are available locally or even in the cloud . However, when a system is in the cloud , addition to mobility , it is possible to navigate in different ways, such as access via terminal services, remote application, HTML5 access and web pages. In addition, you can get encrypted data, low connection consumption and also secure and automatic backup.

Currently, migrating to the cloud is no longer a months-long project, it can even be done in hours, allowing the user to have access to their complete environment, with an installed database and configured users.  

To know which is the ideal model for your company, always keep in mind questions such as:

  • The level of importance of the data being accessed;
  • How much your company is willing to take the risk of exposing your data;
  • Latency (VPNs are very demanding on the connection).

We will experience the “new normal”, where many companies intend to maintain the home office model for their employees. If this is the case for your company, make decisions thinking about the long term. Remote access allows delivering many benefits to companies , in addition to optimizing and facilitating the dissemination of information. Therefore, think carefully and always choose a trusted partner to support you in all stages of the process.

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