In recent years, we have seen forecasts from IDC Brazil of steady growth for the cloud market. In the forecasts released at the beginning of 2020, a growth of 46.7% was estimated until 2023. In another forecast released in April/2020, in the post-COVID-19 scenario, only a small impact on the cloud market is estimated.

These numbers show that companies already recognize the benefits provided by this technology. But with the current exchange rate instability , could this market be affected?

With the dollar reaching record highs with variations, contracts governed by that currency can generate expenses outside of planning and directly affect companies' cash, one of the most precious assets at this time. In this case, many must be wondering if there will be interference with cloud services .

In order to understand in detail whether “ the rise in the dollar is the enemy of the cloud ”, check out the billing models and find out now the real influence of the appreciation of the dollar and the cloud .

Dollar rise vs cloud usage

To enjoy all the benefits of the cloud, it is necessary to plan for this journey . The analyzes start from the IT infrastructure and assets to the financial aspects. Without proper planning and management, cloud spending can skyrocket.

To be more clear:

billing in dollar:

  • For every contracted service that is provided by companies outside the country, the charge is always priced in dollars, and therefore there is a risk of having significant increases in costs.
  • The rise in the dollar reinforces the importance of relying on the services of local suppliers , who are able to close partnerships to use the benefits of the main external suppliers, but maintain charges in reais.


  • In times of crisis, one of the most important actions companies need to take is to optimize investments and eliminate waste. 
  • One of the great benefits of the cloud in relation to the data center is precisely the elasticity to grow and reduce computational capacity dynamically and quickly, always guaranteeing that payment will only be for what was actually used, without spending idle space.


  • The main cloud providers on the market release new features and updates to their tools almost weekly. If this is not your core business , you will hardly be able to apply the best practices for your company.
  • Relying on a service provider that has trained personnel, automation and optimization tools, in addition to proven experience, can be more affordable at the end of the day.

Smart Platforms:

  • Managing the cloud manually can get out of control with the increase in consumption, so having intelligent platforms for managing environments can increase the level of capacity utilization and optimize costs.

Cost predictability:

  • The acquisition of local environments for storing ERP data carries with it several possible contingencies that you will have to bear, such as immediate needs for expansion/purchase of new machines and unscheduled maintenance.
  • Hiring the cloud directly from the supplier reduces unexpected expenses, but constant management is necessary to contain usage and expenses, as they can get out of control.

Reducing impacts

At Sky.One , we combine the proximity and level of partnership with cloud providers with constant concern for our customers' business to prevent dollar fluctuations in contracts.

Our focus translates into migrating, sustaining and preserving the budget from currency fluctuations, with continuous improvements in our tools that manage cloud environments, increasing resource efficiency and optimizing expenses.

With Sky.One , the cost of your cloud computing longer an obstacle for your business. As we have seen, migrating to the cloud is a growing trend and essential for any type of business, and in the midst of a period of intense cash containment and cost reduction, the cloud has proven to be a cost-effective solution.

The high dollar does not need to affect your cloud structure!

After understanding these details, was it clear that there is indeed an opportunity to use and even expand your cloud services without having to deal with sudden increases due to the high dollar?

For companies that also need to take their applications to the cloud to facilitate the commercialization of solutions and services, it is important to make it clear that the high dollar cannot prevent this action. There is a viable path today for companies that want to immediately take advantage of all that the cloud has to offer.

In times of crisis, looking inwards and strengthening your positioning can be decisive for the future of your business. Don't let exchange rate instability block the innovation of your business and count on partners that can help you overcome these obstacles.

So, if you want to have that guarantee of long-term payments, Sky.One 's solutions that can help your business right now ! Get in touch with our team and find out more.

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